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I’m a jewelry designer from New York with a serious passion for making handcrafted beaded bracelets.

Where to begin where to begin?  I am a 39 year old female who was in a really emotionally disastrous place in my life around Christmas of 2013.  I had contemplated all sorts of crazy things at that time and had to find a way to pull myself out of it.  I happened to be in “Michaels Craft store” and I walked down the beading isle and it dawned on me, BEADING!!!!! I knew I needed a new hobby I knew I needed to keep myself distracted, to keep my mind occupied from all the negative that was consuming me at the time.  Since a young age I’ve been very crafty why not right?  I’ve made more crocheted blankets than I can count, all being beautiful. So I picked up a bunch of supplies and went on my way to begin.  I made one bracelet and I was hooked I couldn’t stop.  I was spending hundreds of dollars at any store that sold the supplies every single week.  Once I started wearing the bracelets I received tons of compliments and people asking if they were for sale.  To be honest the thought had never dawned upon me, that I found something other people would like & enjoy wearing.  So, I contacted a few close friends that had some of the skills I did not have, such as building a website (that being a huge component of how I wanted to get my bracelets out there). Once we spoke and we figured out my goal, it began to take form and the passion and hobby became a shiny new outlook on life. I would like to thank him (you know who you are)  for his knowledge, guidance and all the time he’s spent on Facetime, Facebook and on the phone with me with all my questions.

I put a lot of love and time into each and every handmade piece of jewelry made. Each piece is made as if they were going to be worn on my wrist. If I have to pull a bracelet apart (believe me when I tell you) I will pull it apart and start from the beginning if I feel it’s not up to my standards. I want anyone who chooses to own a “Christine Lisa” piece to love it and hopefully spread the word.

I believe that life isn’t about taking, it’s about giving. So in coming months, I will be adding bracelets to support registered non-profits I feel strongly about and donating a portion of the proceeds.

I would also like to thank my customers; although this is a very new business with out you I wouldn’t be able to do this. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Please wear each piece with the knowledge I put a whole lot of TLC in making the piece you chose as your own!

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    I purchased 2 bracelets from christinelisa.com. The whole process from the easy to use website to fast shipping with tracking was seamless. The product is high quality, I would recommend as a gift for any occasion!